Project Description

Workshop at Yoga Yuj, Ilsan, Korea

Date Time Class Title Audience
Oct 17, Thu 14:00 ~ 16:00 Yoga Workshop The Wheel of Life All Levels
Oct 18, Fri 14:00 ~ 16:00 Yoga Workshop Spice up your arm balances All Levels
Oct 19, Sat 11:00 ~ 13:15 Meditation Workshop 4 Meditations to Change Your Life All Levels
Oct 19, Sat 14:00 ~ 16:00 Yoga Workshop Potions for deeper hip rotations All Levels
Oct 20, Sun 13:00 ~ 15:00 Yoga Workshop Dare to Fly All Levels
Oct 20, Sun 15:15 ~ 17:00 Asana Clinic Inversion Clinic All Levels


Thursday, October 17 from 14:00 ~ 16:00 The Wheel of Life
Wheel is such an encompassing pose we can work on it our whole life and it’ll still teach us invaluable lessons until the very end. Not only it requires a great deal of flexibility, balance and strength, but the variations we can do with it are extensive. The sky is the limit. Let’s shoot for the starts and join this class where we’ll warm up intently to work thoroughly on a number of Wheels, relatives and friends. This class is for all levels but you’ll enjoy it much more if you can press into Wheel on your own (even with blocks) and can hold it for a few breaths. Lots of work and fun assured, maybe some breakthroughs too! Come ready to sweat and discover new possibilities!!

Friday, October 18 from 14:00 ~ 16:00 Spice up your arm balances
Do you have a love/hate relationship with arm balances? Are there some of them still unaccessible no matter how many times you try them? Let’s take 1 or 2 steps back and look at the big picture. This class will deal with how to acquire overall better/more efficient strengthening skills (and no, that’s not only arm strength), how to use what we already have, work on what we don’t, explore bandhas, breath, while we try a number of arm balances, variants and spins to adapt them to our personal needs. Lots of flying minutes assured followed by a happiness aftertaste… watch out!

Saturday, October 19 from 14:00 ~ 16:00 Potions for deeper hip rotations
Any ‘leg behind the head’ pose IS achievable if we work that external hip rotation consistently. Come ready to leave old preconceptions and beliefs behind of ‘no it’s not possible’ or ‘my hips are tight’, and enter a new world where your hips can open like a flower in blossom. This class will set a good foundation so you can take the practice/tips/ideas home with you and digest them more, deconstruct and explore other alternatives. Hip openers are thrilling, lively and full of possibilities. Often, we put so much pressure on ourselves, that our hips lock up like a treasure chest. Let’s find the key, explore some together and leave inspired for more!

Sunday, October 20 from 13:00 ~ 15:00 Dare to Fly
Whether you’re intimidated of going upside down or you can dive into those without much trouble, this class will help you take one step further (or more!). Arm balances and inversions share a lot of common principles, body activation, upper body alignment, core/low back engagement… Improve your endurance, balance, learn better alignment, efficiently use your resources and let’s work on the ones that don’t come that easy. Open your mind to a sweaty and fun class and get ready to conquer these asanas, one try at a time! Lots of wall work guaranteed as well as time on your arms (some breaks too!) so, if you have shoulder/elbow/wrist issues, please inform us and be ready to modify according to your needs. Let’s go!

Sunday, October 20 from 15:15 ~ 17:00 Inversion Clinic
Let’s dive deeper into our practice in this 50% practice and 50% theory clinic focusing on Inversions. We will discuss the principles that make for an effective use of the skeletal structure and body movement in order to achieve a more efficient inversion, using less effort and gaining more freedom to come up, stay upside down, move our legs, and even transition into other arm balances and inversions seamlessly.

Saturday, October 19th from 11:00 ~ 13:15 – 4 Meditations to Change your Life
If you have never meditated, or think that meditation is hard or boring, this workshop will revolutionize the way you look at meditation. We will explore silent meditation and its stress reducing capabilities, we will meet our spirit animals, we will chat with our 4 Inner Personalities and finally we will experience a group energy circle to release stuck emotions. All in all, a life changing experience.

Oce 17th – 20th

Yoga Yuj
경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동
890-4 마두법조빌딩 10층

How Much
Individual class: KW80K
Whole class package: KW350K, Early Bird: KW300K