Project Description

Workshop at The Atrium Yoga Studio, Houston, TX

Date Time Class Title Audience
Nov 8, Fri 1:30pm-3:30pm Meditation Workshop Improve Your Health Meditation Workshop All Levels
Nov 8, Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm Yoga Workshop Fearless Inversions All Levels
Nov 9, Sat 1:30pm-3:30pm Yoga Workshop Asana Yin Yang All Levels
Nov 9, Sat 4:00pm-6:00pm Yoga Workshop Revolutionize Your Flow All Levels
Nov 10, Sun 1:30pm-3:30pm Yoga Workshop Spinal Fluidity All Levels


Friday, November 8 from 5:30pm-7:30pm Fearless Inversions
Going upside is scary, thrilling, frustrating… it requires technique, consistent practice and attention to detail in order to balance freely. I believe anyone has the ability to balance on their hands, forearms and head when given enough attention to these poses. Whether you’re starting to discover this family, you want to venture away from the wall but you’re too scared or you want to gain more control in your ‘press ups’ or transitioning in and out of them, this class will be filled with exercises, techniques, tips and much more to help you get ahead and beyond. Gain strength, knowledge, confidence and have a great time in the process. Let’s take flight, shall we?

Saturday, November 9 from 1:30pm-3:30pm Asana Yin Yang
Tension and expansion, core and limbs, breath and intention, the yin and yang of asana are beautifully exemplified in these poses where strength meets flexibility. Laterals and splits are like peanut butter and jelly, a classic that always works. Lengthening, stretching, engaging your ‘side’ muscles will, among many other benefits, stabilize your inversions, deepen both your backbends and forward bends and make your arm balances more solid. Add splits to the mixture and you will give rise to a more solid overall practice. Planks, Side Planks, Visvamitrasana, Vasisthasana, Anantasana, all kinds of Splits and inversions using them will be attempted. Strengthening and stretching, yin and yan. Lots of learning and good times assured!!! No prerequisites required.

Saturday, November 9 from 4:00pm-6:00pm Revolutionize Your Flow
If you’ve never attempted Yogidandasana, or foot under the armpit, you’re in for a treat. If you have, this class will expand the array of poses you can do with it and will leave you inspired for more. Whether your hips are ‘opened’ or ‘tight as a clam’, this class is for everyone wanting to access them in a safe and fun way. People with knee, ankle or back issues, or with a sedentary lifestyle, will benefit greatly and find some of these stretches directly applicable. Come with an opened mind, opened heart, and it’ll directly reflect in the hip work we’ll be doing. Sweat and good times assured!!

Sunday, November 10 from 1:30pm-3:30pm Spinal Fluidity
This class intends to demystify the idea that backbends are hard or just for the gifted ones. Anyone can increase dramatically their spinal range of movement with the proper warm up, technique, breath work and visualization. Both effort and easiness into these poses should blend seamlessly for an ideal outcome. Come ready to break down some physical and mental walls (especially it you think ‘you can’t’!) and let’s shift our focus into what we CAN do and how to grow and deepen our backbend practice with intelligence and grace…. bendy spine, here we go!

Friday, November 8 from 1:30-3:30 Improve Your Health Meditation Workshop
While health problems may seem overwhelming at first, through their emotional nature, the yogi taps into the dormant potential of the mind in order to enable the body to heal itself, sometimes in unexpected ways. We will approach our healing both through the re-coding of our DNA as well as through the cleansing of the core cellular programming and akashic records.

Nov 8th – 10th

The Atrium Yoga Studio
3733 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027

How Much
Full Weekend (4 workshop classes, 2hr long each) $190
Single yoga class (2hr.) $55
Meditation $35