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JUNE 11TH – 14TH, 20 Rue Dussoubs – 75002 Paris, France

Date Time Workshop Theme Level
Thu, Jun 11 2:30pm-5:00pm Adjustments Clinic Adjusting Backbends Teachers
Thu, Jun 11 5:15pm-6:30pm Sequencing Theory Sequencing Backbends Classes Teachers
Thu, Jun 11 7pm-9pm Yoga Workshop BYOB: Bend Your Own Back All Levels
Fri, Jun 12 2:30pm-5:00pm Adjustments Clinic Adjusting Hip Openers Teachers
Fri, Jun 12 5:15pm-6:30pm Sequencing Theory Sequencing Hip Openers classes Teachers
Fri, Jun 12 7pm-9pm Yoga Workshop Overture To A New Hip Practice… All Levels
Sat, Jun 13 1:30pm–3:30pm Yoga Workshop Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment… All Levels
Sat, Jun 13 4pm-6pm Asana Clinic Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect line All Levels
Sun, Jun 14 11am–1pm Yoga Workshop Gravity Issues: Inversions, Transitions, Arm Balances… All Levels
Sun, Jun 14 1:30pm-3:30pm Meditation Workshop 4 Meditations to Change your Life All Levels


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Adjustments Clinic: €40

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Thursday, June 11th
7pm-9pm Yoga Workshop — BYOB: Bend Your Own Back –
Whether your spine bends easily or it feels like a rod, this class is designed to open the shoulders, lengthen the flexors and access the thoracic spine. Bring your own back, as it is, don’t wait until it ‘gets better’ and come learn ways to increase mobility, gain strength, develop awareness and expand breath with these heart openers. After a carefully crafted warm up, we’ll step into the backbend world and explore a number of these fascinating poses. Some of them might include Wheel, Viparita Dandasana, Camel, Kapotasana, as well as plenty of variants and props’ use to access and build a clear path to them. Come with an opened heart, a positive mindset, and it will reflect in the work we will be doing. Sweat, lots of learning and good times assured!! All levels welcome.

Friday, June 12th
7pm-9pm Yoga Workshop — Overture To A New Hip Practice: The Eka Pada Sirsasana Symphony –
Hip openers should be an invitation, not an imposition. Pushing through is not an option. Practitioners tend to get frustrated overtime when they see little or no progress. A new approach to our hip practice should include: an intelligent and safe sequence, mobility exercises that’ll encourage a proper hip rotation, efficient movement isolation, lower body activation (minus lumbar torsion), insightful breath work and visualization techniques to release anxieties and blockages stored in that area. This class will give you the tools to guide you in that direction, tips, exercises, ideas, so that asanas like Leg behind the head (Eka Pada Sirsasana) and plenty variants we can do with it, will eventually be part of our repertoire. Come ready to explore, learn, tune in and advance your practice. All levels welcome

Saturday, June 13th
1:30pm–3:30pm Yoga Workshop — Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment And Feel Indomitable –
Going upside down is scary, thrilling, frustrating. It requires technique, consistent practice and attention to detail in order to balance freely. I believe anyone has the ability to balance on their hands, forearms or head, when given enough attention to detail, alignment cues, bandha emphasis and mental imagery. Whether you’re starting to invert, you’d like to venture away from the wall but are too scared, or you want to gain more control in your entries, exits, or transitions from/into arm balances, this class will be filled with instruction, exercises, breath work and much more to help you go far and beyond. Gain strength, knowledge, confidence and come out feeling unstoppable. Let’s take flight, shall we? All levels welcome.

4pm-6pm: Asana Clinic – Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect line –
This clinic is designed to help you improve your inversions practice, as well as to give you information to help others with their inversions journey. We will discuss the phases a practitioner goes through as they start and practice inversions, how to gain balance and strength, how to find the appropriate skeletal position to hold the inversions with less effort, how to work on transitions and how to have fun doing it all.

Sunday, June 14th
11am–1pm Yoga Workshop — Gravity Issues: Inversions, Transitions, Arm Balances –
Arm balances and inversions share a lot of common principles: overall activation, upper body alignment, low back engagement, core and bandha awareness, endurance, balancing skills, breath control and more. This fun and thorough class will deal with how to acquire overall better/more efficient strengthening skills, explore breath and bandhas, while using legs and lumbar spine to glide & fly. We’ll try plenty of arm balances, baby variants, asymmetrical variations, inversions and more; paying extra attention to the ‘floating’, barely ‘brushing’ the floor, effortless lifts and soft landings. Lots of flying minutes assured followed by a happiness aftertaste. Watch out!! This class is for all levels but be open to modify if you have wrist/shoulder issues.


Adjustment Clinics
During these clinics we will learn how to approach your adjustments in a safe and creative manner, so you can practice safely and efficiently, adding more tricks into your yoga teacher skillset. Adjustments Clinics are extremely practical, having the students practice with one another, while we discuss best practices, special cases, and learn to individualize the delivery for each body.

Sequencing Theory
The sequence of the poses during the class is the most powerful tool the yoga teacher has to make a yoga class memorable. A well designed sequence will prepare the body for poses that are not available without the proper warm up and preparation. The objective of an optimal yoga sequence is to inspire, prepare and propel the student into areas of his or her practice that were out of reach before. During this training we will cover the main themes, sub-themes and peak poses for each family of postures, we will discuss the correct structure of a yoga class and we will practice with some practical exercises and discussions.

Thursday, June 11th
2:30pm-5:00pm: Adjustments Clinic – Adjusting Backbends
Adjustments Essentials
How to adjust Backbends
Why the front of the body
Essential Backbend adjusts
Wheels family adjustments
Eka Pada family adjustments
Scorpions adjustments
5:15pm-6:30pm: Sequencing Theory – Sequencing Backbend Classes
Backbends are the largest family of yoga postures. We will learn how to classify them, which ones to teach together, what simpler backbends are a preparation for the more challenging ones, how to keep the correct intensity with such a demanding theme and finally how to unwind and return the body back to neutral.

Friday, June 12th
2:30pm-5:00pm: Adjustments Clinic – Adjusting Hip Openers
Adjustments Essentials
The 2 direction adjust
Standing poses for Hips
Splits and Hamstrings
Leg Behind the Head
Foot Under the Armpit
Arm Balances w/ Hips
5:15pm-6:30pm: Sequencing Theory – Sequencing Hip Openers Classes
The two great poses in the hip opener family are Leg Behind the Head and Foot Under the Armpit. During this training class, we will learn the differences between these two poses and how it affects the sequence, the best ways to prepare the body in order to maximize the potential of each student and how to unwind from this intense theme.


Meditation Workshop – 4 Meditations to Change your Life –
Sunday, June 14th, 1:30pm-3:30pm

If you have never meditated, or think that meditation is hard or boring, this workshop will revolutionize the way you look at meditation. We will explore silent meditation and its stress reducing capabilities, we will meet our spirit animals, we will chat with our 4 Inner Personalities and finally we will experience a group energy circle to release stuck emotions. All in all, a life changing experience.