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Workshop at The Lab

April 30th to May 3rd

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Date Time Workshop Theme Level
Thu 30 1:30pm-4pm Adjustments Clinic Adjusting backbends Teachers + Int/Adv
Thu 30 4:30pm-6pm Sequencing Theory Sequencing backbend classes Teachers + Int/Adv
Thu 30 6:30pm-8:30pm Yoga Workshop The Road To Scorpion All Levels
Fri 1 1:30pm-4pm Adjustments Clinic Adjusting hip openers Teachers + Int/Adv
Fri 1 4:30pm-6pm Sequencing Theory Sequencing hip openers classes Teachers + Int/Adv
Fri 1 6:30pm-8:30pm Yoga Workshop Hip Wisdom: Key To Your Treasure Chest For A Lasting Practice All Levels
Sat 2 1:pm-3:pm Yoga Workshop Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment And Feel Indomitable All Levels
Sat 2 3:30pm-5:30pm Asana Clinic Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect alignment All Levels
Sat 2 6pm-8pm Restorative Movement Lengthening the Spine All Levels
Sun 3 1:pm-3:pm Yoga Workshop Gravity Issues: Inversions, Transitions, Arm Balances And How To Surf The Air All Levels
Sun 3 3:30pm-5:30pm Meditation Workshop Creating Happiness All Levels
Sun 3 6pm-7pm Philosophy Lecture Sanskrit Philosophy according to Quantum Physics All Levels

Yoga Workshops and Asana Clinics

Thursday, April 30th
6:30pm-8:30pm Yoga Workshop — The Road To Scorpion –

Not your average yoga class, this backbend workshop will dare to trade into waters you might not do on your own, feel intimidated, lost, or simply, have never thought of. After a thorough warm up and having covered other backbends, some time will be dedicated to study Scorpions, how to do them safely, properly, so we can incorporate them in our personal practice. This class is for all levels and you don’t need an ‘advanced’ practice (whatever that means) to participate. You just need an open mind, be ready to try and willing to see what happens. Stiffness, or being able to work around our personal difficulties, is a big part of the learning process. You don’t want to miss out on that! Come out and let’s explore together…

Friday, April 17th
6:30pm-8:30pm Yoga Workshop — Hip Wisdom: Key To Your Treasure Chest For A Lasting Practice –

If you think your hips are locked like a vault door, then this class is for you. If you feel ‘stuck’ in your hip openers, can’t seem to improve them or don’t know where to go, this class is also for you! The body’s multidimensional aspect calls for a much more complex conversation than just talking about ‘tight’ or ‘open’ hips. This class will lead you progressively, through a number of exercises and a thorough sequence, into the complexity of the hips and how to break things down so they’re manageable and applicable to our personal needs. Building up from seated stretches and breathing techniques, flowing slowly through standing poses, until we arrive to our peak poses to deeper understand how to properly rotate the hip joint without involving the knee nor weakening the lower back. Come ready to explore and find some key elements that will bring new understanding to this part of your practice. All levels welcome.

Saturday, April 18th
1pm-3pm Yoga Workshop — Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment And Feel Indomitable –

Going upside down is scary, thrilling, frustrating. It requires technique, consistent practice and attention to detail in order to balance freely. I believe anyone has the ability to balance on their hands, forearms or head, when given enough attention to detail, alignment cues, bandha emphasis and mental imagery. Whether you’re starting to invert, you’d like to venture away from the wall but are too scared, or you want to gain more control in your entries, exits, or transitions from/into arm balances, this class will be filled with instruction, exercises, breath work and much more to help you go far and beyond. Gain strength, knowledge, confidence and come out feeling unstoppable. Let’s take flight, shall we? All levels welcome.

3:30pm-5:30pm: Asana Clinic – Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect alignment –
This clinic is designed to help you improve your inversions practice, as well as to give you information to help others with their inversions journey. We will discuss the phases a practitioner goes through as they start and practice inversions, how to gain balance and strength, how to find the appropriate skeletal position to hold the inversions with less effort, how to work on transitions and how to have fun doing it all.

Sunday, April 19th
1pm-3pm Yoga Workshop — Gravity Issues: Inversions, Transitions, Arm Balances And How To Surf The Air –

Arm balances and inversions share a lot of common principles: overall activation, upper body alignment, low back engagement, core and bandha awareness, endurance, balancing skills, breath control and more. This fun and thorough class will deal with how to acquire overall better/more efficient strengthening skills, explore breath and bandhas, while using legs and lumbar spine to glide & fly. We’ll try plenty of arm balances, baby variants, asymmetrical variations, inversions and more; paying extra attention to the ‘floating’, barely ‘brushing’ the floor, effortless lifts and soft landings. Lots of flying minutes assured followed by a happiness aftertaste. Watch out!! This class is for all levels but be open to modify if you have wrist/shoulder issues.

Continuing Education for Teachers and Eager Students

Adjustment Clinics
During these clinics we will learn how to approach your adjustments in a safe and creative manner, so you can practice safely and efficiently, adding more tricks into your yoga teacher skillset. Adjustments Clinics are extremely practical, having the students practice with one another, while we discuss best practices, special cases, and learn to individualize the delivery for each body.

Sequencing Theory
The sequence of the poses during the class is the most powerful tool the yoga teacher has to make a yoga class memorable. A well designed sequence will prepare the body for poses that are not available without the proper warm up and preparation. The objective of an optimal yoga sequence is to inspire, prepare and propel the student into areas of his or her practice that were out of reach before. During this training we will cover the main themes, sub-themes and peak poses for each family of postures, we will discuss the correct structure of a yoga class and we will practice with some practical exercises and discussions.

Thursday, April 30th
1:30pm-4pm: Adjustments Clinic – Adjusting Backbends
Adjustments Essentials
How to adjust Backbends
Why the front of the body
Essential Backbend adjusts
Wheels family adjustments
Eka Pada family adjustments
Scorpions adjustments
4:30pm-6pm: Sequencing Theory – Sequencing Backbend Classes
Backbends are the largest family of yoga postures. We will learn how to classify them, which ones to teach together, what simpler backbends are a preparation for the more challenging ones, how to keep the correct intensity with such a demanding theme and finally how to unwind and return the body back to neutral.

Friday, May 1st
1:30pm-4pm: Adjustments Clinic – Adjusting Hip Openers
Adjustments Essentials
The 2 direction adjust
Standing poses for Hips
Splits and Hamstrings
Leg Behind the Head
Foot Under the Armpit
Arm Balances w/ Hips
4:30pm-6pm: Sequencing Theory – Sequencing Hip Openers Classes
The two great poses in the hip opener family are Leg Behind the Head and Foot Under the Armpit. During this training class, we will learn the differences between these two poses and how it affects the sequence, the best ways to prepare the body in order to maximize the potential of each student and how to unwind from this intense theme.

Meditation Workshop

Sunday, May 3rd, 3:30pm-5:30pm
Meditation Workshop – Creating happiness
Can we find happiness as a state of being? And how much control do we have to create this state in ourselves? During these meditations we will explore the role of meditation in creating happiness, on how to use the information we gather to give us peace and how to use gratitude to raise our frequency.

Restorative Movement

Saturday, May 2nd, 6pm-8pm
Restorative Movement – Lengthening the Spine
Every nerve controlling every muscle in the body comes out of the spine. It bends forward, backwards, twists, lengthens and holds an enormous amount of weight to help us live our lives and practice yoga. In this workshop we will loosen up the entire spine, find new space in the adjacent muscles and as a result improve our posture.

Restorative Movement Workshops are designed to rewire how the brain communicates with the nervous system. While the exercises are always soft, subtle, slow and pain free, the effects are deep. These workshops must be scheduled at the end of the day, never before another class. Students should rest after these workshops to allow their bodies to integrate the new information.


Single Yoga Workshops: $46 Early Bird / $55 Regular Price
Asana Clinic: $46 Early Bird / $55 Regular Price
Restorative Movement: $38 Early Bird / $45 Regular Price
Meditation Workshop: $34 Early Bird / $40 Regular Price
Single Sequencing Theory Training: $38 Early Bird / $45 Regular Price
Single Adjustments Clinic: $38 Early Bird / $45 Regular Price

Philosophy Lecture: Free

4 Yoga Workshop Package: $168 Early Bird / $198 Regular Price
4 Yoga Workshop + Asana Clinic Package: $210 Early Bird / $247 Regular Price

Saturday Pass (Yoga Workshop + Asana Clinic + Restorative Movement): $119 Early Bird / $140 Regular Price
Tt Single Day Pass (Thurs Or Fri) (Yoga Workshop + Sequencing Training + Adjustments Clinic): $111 Early Bird / $131 Regular Price

Entire 4 day Weekend: $413 Early Bird / $486 Regular Price

Early Bird valid until March 29th, 2020

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